Sunday, October 4, 2009

Still have a car...

it's not fixed yet, but still working, lol! Well, Sean is super excited today, he shot his Elk and hauled it out to peace river to get it butchered. Like a kid in a candy store how happy he gets. Too cute!

Damian's driving lessons are going just fine so fine, the trees move outta the way for him I guess he-he. Jasmine is down at Gramma's working in her restaurant to help out for a while and is enjoying it so far but getting homesick. Plan to get down there by the end of the month so she can get a fix of Tanaya & myself to tide her over a bit longer. Poor kid, hope she can handle being away for a year for school in the spring, we will see I guess. Damian says school still sucks and work still makes him money so not much change there, lol. Tanaya baby is growing like a weed. She is still trying to finish breaking in her first two molars, and is thinking long and hard about walking but no go yet.

I am still plugging away at the paper work, (oh, I have more now as some little bastards decided to break into our shed 'cause I didn't have enough to do oy!) and shopping til I drop, lol, amazing how much of that your "allowed" to do when you lose everything HA! Seriously, not as much fun as you'd think, not to mention that you'd think a girl would drop a few with all the hiking up & down and in & around the stores... but NO! not a drop GRRR! whatever.

House is coming along very well. they got the windows and doors installed Wednesday and are on days off right now. The siding guy is about a third done as of Friday and the insulators will be starting this week. It's coming. Matt (the builder) still says we are 2 weeks ahead of schedule (the move in date is Dec 18th) so fingers crossed things continue fairly smooth so I can maybe get back in a week early, maybe? Please? Ok, seriously just do it. LMAO (they never listen to me)

Hope you and yours are well! TTYL

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Driver's Ed...

As some of you might know, I have been teaching my kid to drive for the past year and a half. She was almost there, just needed to get in driver's ed and she'd been on her own. Whoohoo! Kid with a driver's!
Then she got cocky. Started thinking she knew it all and didn't have to listen to me anymore. I'm sorry....who's car is this?!

So, I'm leaving to get Damian from work one afternoon and Jasmine asks if she can drive. I figure sure, haven't let her drive much the last week or so. So off we go to climb in the car and she starts backing out. Now, there is a tree on the corner of the driveway and a fence along the other side. I see the driver side front end is super close to the tree and figure OK, she'll back out straight to get past it before turning the wheel. WRONG! She starts turning the wheel and I start telling her with only a slight edge to my voice to stop. She doesn't listen. I raise my voice with a tinge of panic, STOOP!! She looks at me like I've grown 3 heads rolls her eyes at my drama and continues. The bumper catches, I start yelling FREAKIN" STOP! She doesn't, and as I continue to now scream at her, she keeps backing out and proceeds to rip the entire front end off me car. I am now totally flippin' on her and she (if you can believe it) is still driving! She is now completely backed onto the road and is putting it in drive to go forward. I am losing it. I mean seriously!! Can't you hear? Can't you see?!!! Look at my effing car!!She finally stops after she hit the gas to go forward and I practically came unglued. That's all I need, for her to now drive over the front end and ruin something underneath.
I get, I go stand in front of my car and stare. I am quiet. Jasmine is still in the car going "Mom, what are you doing? Can we go? I am in the middle of the road ya know!" (I shit you not. that is what she said) I say "Um mm, Jasmine you hit the tree. You wrecked the car" Calmly I might add. She says yeah right, and still thinks we're going, lol.

Point to story, dad isn't as calm as me. My logic was, it is done now, no point in continuing to get upset. His logic, WTF!!? enough said.

Cost of repairs: $2700
Time til Jasmine can drive my car again: Never (according to dad)
Lesson for Jas to learn: trees cost money, she has to pay the repairs

And guess what? Damian got his learner's last week. Now I have to teach him. He had his first lesson the other day, and I feel sorry for him. I am a little nervous for the car....lmao. He'll survive I am sure, but will the car?! Mama needs a drink!

Sweet Sophia

My beautiful niece Sophia Grace passed away May 1st, 2009. Our thoughts are still with my brother and his family. She will always be missed, never forgotten.

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